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Uniting across the nation


At Marketyze, we don’t want students to break the bank in order to build their network, learn new skills and participate in one-of-a-kind opportunities.​

Not-for-profit Corporation

We are a federally incorporated

not-for-profit corporation that provides marketing opportunities to high school students through free or low-cost virtual challenges and conferences.

Outside the Classroom

Preparation for the Future

We don’t stop at just creating connections — we provide hands-on experience to learn and build marketing skills that will set them apart in university and beyond.

Our programs are designed to go beyond the Canadian business high school curriculum, directly connecting youth with industry professionals to give them a chance to create valuable connections and provide a unique look into the business and marketing field.


As students ourselves, empowering other youth is at the forefront of all we do. We strive to create a safe, inclusive and educational environment for all youth interested in marketing.

Youth Empowerment

We aim to provide youth with the opportunities, tools, and resources they need to build skills in marketing, and stay competitive for a career in it.

Curious to learn more about what we do?

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