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GTMC 2022
Global Tech Marketing Challenge (GTMC)

Event Overview

The GTMC is a tech-based marketing competition occurring during winter . In 2022, the GTMC will be hosted on February 5, 2022. Each year, the focus of GTMC differs.

In teams of 4 at GTMC 2022, participants will:

  • Build their own digital marketing strategy

  • React to prompts simulating real-world business problems

  • Pitch the evolution of their startups to judges



Obtain a real-world experience virtually and gain valuable knowledge


Hear from experienced professionals in the marketing and business industry

The Startup Scene

Explore what it takes to not only found a company, but keep it afloat.


Gain constructive feedback from seasoned professionals


Learn what it takes to break into the business industry


Meet  and network with knowledgeable mentors to guide you on your journey


We are looking for high school students who are...

  • Interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, or business

  • Excited to hone in on core skills required for business presentations, reports and pitches

  • Looking for hands-on opportunities over the summer to enrich your business experiences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it free to compete in the GTMC?
Yes, there are no costs involved to participate in the GTMC. Marketyze’s mission is to provide accessible opportunities for all youth.

What does it mean to be a self-paced competition?
The majority of the competition can be completed based on you and your team’s discretion! You set the pace for how and when to work. Other than major events like the Opening Ceremony, the Awards Ceremony, and workshops, everything can occur asynchronously.

Do I need prior entrepreneurship experience to participate in the GTMC?
No. The GTMC is open to competitors of all levels. There will be guest speakers, and mentors to assist participants in creating and building on a startup company.

Can I compete in the GTMC if I am not located in Canada?
The GTMC will be a fully virtual event, so international students are more than welcome to compete. All participants will receive information packages shortly before the competition begins, where a detailed schedule with exact timings of each activity will be contained.

Thank you for participating in the GTMC!

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