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CSSC 2021
Canada Spring Strategy Challenge (CSSC)

Event Overview

The CSSC is a marketing and sales competition occurring during spring, typically in March or April. In 2021, the CSSC was hosted from April 10 - April 11.

In teams of 2-4, competitors will:

  • Develop a marketing plan for their "firm"

  • Pitch their marketing strategies to judges

  • Practice vital sales skills in closing a mock account



Hear from seasoned professionals in the marketing and business industry


Learn directly from experienced and award-winning case competitors


Meet ambitious youth seeking to break into the business industry


We are looking for high school students who are...

  • Passionate about marketing, business, or sales

  • Open to meeting new people and sharing ideas

  • Yearning to dive deep into the business world and don't know where to start, but are ready to try

Please note that CSSC 2021 is over. Check back next year during spring for CSSC 2022!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it free to compete in the CSSC?
Yes, there are no costs involved to participate in the CSSC. Marketyze’s mission is to provide accessible opportunities for all youth.

How do I register for the CSSC?
Unfortunately, CSSC 2021 has passed by. Next year, you may register individually and opt to be matched with teammates, or register in teams of 2-4. Stay updated on our social media and website to be informed on when registration for CSSC 2022 is open!

Do I need prior business knowledge to participate in the CSSC?
No. The CSSC is open to competitiors of all levels. There will be a workshop and a guest speaker to assist participants in develpoing and pitching a marketing plan.

Can I compete in the CSSC if I am not located in Canada?
The CSSC will be a fully virtual event, so international students are more than welcome to compete. All participants will receive information packages shortly before the competition begins, where a detailed schedule with exact timings of each activity will be contained.


Gold Sponsor

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Silver Sponsors

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Bronze Sponsor

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Honorary Sponsors

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