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The Marketyze Internship Program


The Marketyze Internship Program (MIP) will be a newly launched program that will commence in March 2022. The purpose of this program is to provide hands-on opportunities for younger students across the globe to work directly in a youth-led non-profit organization, and to prepare them for a future executive position at Marketyze.

MIP will take place from March 26 - July 24, 2022. During these few months, you will:

  • Rotate between different teams at Marketyze to gain an insight on which team suits you best.

  •  Work directly in the teams you are placed with, based on your interests and skills

  • Attend meetings and complete tasks as assigned by your respective team leaders

At the end of the program, if an intern receives approval from each of the three team leaders and the program leaders, then the intern is guaranteed a role on the Marketyze 2022-2023 executive team.


Students in Grade 7-12 from across the world are welcome to join a MAP cohort. No prior experience is needed to apply, but we are looking for individuals who are passionate, dedicated, and most importantly, ready to learn and to actively gain new skills.

Perks of the Program

Through MIP, driven and committed students will immerse themselves in a dynamic and international nonprofit. In this unique program, you will:

  • Receive opportunities to work in multiple Marketyze teams and build a rich, well-rounded repertoire of solid experiences

  • Gain tangible skills that can be extrapolated to any career, such as soft skills like public speaking and teamwork, or technical skills like finance and web development

  • Experience professional and personal growth in preparation for higher-intensity roles in extracurriculars or in the workforce

  • Build a thriving network of like-minded interns, ambitious youth, and experts in various industries

  • Earn volunteer/community service hours for your time spent performing internship duties



Individual Program Review Meetings

A Program Review Meeting (PRM) will be held between each intern and the program leaders prior to the beginning of MIP. During these meetings, the following will be covered:

  • Overview of the internship

  • Discussion of the teams offered

  • Opportunity for the intern to relay their top three team choices

  • Any questions or concerns can be directed to the program leaders during PRMs

There will be seven choices of teams offered for the 2022 Marketyze Internship Program. These include Logistics, Corporate Relations, Marketing, Finance, HR, Strategy, and IT. Interns will be split as evenly as possible into one of these seven teams for each rotation period.

For all inquiries, feel free to contact


Rotation Period

Each rotation period will consist of four weeks in total:

  • Week 1 – Week 3: Working in a specific Marketyze team

  • Week 4: 15-minute check-in meetings will be conducted between the program leaders and each individual intern

During these check-in meetings, the intern will be asked specific questions about their experience in each previous rotation period. They will also be asked if they have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, or how to potentially make subsequent rotations even more rewarding and enjoyable.

Time Commitment

MIP has an estimated weekly time commitment of 3-5 hours per week. Interns are expected to consistently uphold the agreed upon time commitment throughout the duration of the program. 

Application Process

Applications for MIP will open on February 21, 2022 and will close on March 12, 2022. For the 2022 cohort, the application form can be accessed here: Marketyzex Internship Program (MIP) Application Form.


MET Gala

Known as the MET (Marketyze Executive Team), a one-time program ceremony will be held to officially conclude the 2022 cohort on July 23 or July 24, 2022.  All Marketyze executives will be invited to celebrate the successes of the interns.


For all inquiries, feel free to contact

Interested in applying to our inaugural MIP cohort? Applications will open in February 2022. Our newsletter subscribers exclusively receive early access to MIP applications!

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