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The Marketyze Ambassador Program


The Marketyze Ambassador Program (MAP) will be a newly launched program that will commence in early 2022. The purpose of this program is to provide hands-on opportunities for younger students across the globe to work directly in a youth-led non-profit organization.

Throughout your nine weeks as an ambassador in this immersive program, you will:

  • Engage in tasks with the aim of expanding our organizational growth and reach

  • Participate in activities that provide you with tangible skills needed to succeed in executive positions

  • Represent us in your school and community, constantly seeking out opportunities for Marketyze to gain exposure


Students in Grade 7-12 from across the world are welcome to join a MAP cohort. No prior experience is needed to apply, but we are looking for individuals who are passionate, dedicated, and most importantly, ready to learn and to actively gain new skills.

Perks of the Program

Aside from immersing yourself in a dynamic and international nonprofit, MAP will provide eager and passionate students with opportunities to:

  • Acquire concrete, in-demand skills that will help you succeed in high-intensity extracurriculars, or in future careers intersecting with business

  • Directly represent Marketyze, serving as an advocate for accessible marketing development opportunities to interested youth across the globe

  • Establish a prosperous network of like-minded individuals and industry professionals

  • Receive an exclusively streamlined application process for your entry into the Marketyze Internship Program (MIP)

  • Earn volunteer/community service hours for your time spent performing ambassador duties


Time Commitment

MAP has an estimated weekly time commitment of 2-4 hours per week. Ambassadors are expected to consistently uphold the agreed upon time commitment throughout the duration of the program.


For all inquiries, feel free to contact


Interested in applying to our next MAP cohort? Application will open in late 2022. Our newsletter subscribers exclusively receive early access to MAP applications!


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