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Uniting across the nation

The Beginning Pioneers

In direct response to these cancellations, we started a single social impact project in July of 2020 called Marketing Challenge Canada. Our inaugural program was called the Canada Summer Marketing Challenge (CSMC).

An Abrupt Loss

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit our world. As schools were forced to close their doors, high school students lost critical extra-curricular activities and developmental opportunities. 

First of Many

We created a free and virtual marketing skill development challenge for students in Grades 9 to 12. Our challenge allowed students to connect with industry professionals, learn new marketing skills, meet more like minded peers, and compete together.

Selfless Support

Complete strangers stepped up to pitch in and lend a hand — from marketing executives to university students. With volunteer support in the form of 10 mentors and 4 industry professionals, we had over 70 students participate in our inaugural program, producing 13 total submissions.


After the project ended, two things became clear to us:

  1. COVID-19 was not ending anytime soon — and more of these virtual opportunities were needed!

2.  The barrier to entry into business           was too high for students across               the country. Courses in high school         only scratch the surface of the                   possibilities of careers in business           and popular programming already           developed for high school students         remains fairly broad, traditional,               and costly.

We decided that it was time to expand past a single program and start lowering that barrier. That was when we founded Marketyze

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